Amigo Ovens welcomes new Amigos on our Northern Tour

27 Jul Amigo Ovens welcomes new Amigos on our Northern Tour

The Amigo team has once again set off on a Northern tour around the country. This time we are heading to Derby where we are building a bespoke 1000mm family insulated Amigo oven for Amigo Angela. (see photo). We can of course build you stand for you but on this occasion Angela had prepared a beautiful brick build stand complementing her garden. We will be back in the near future to build an Amigo Barn offering shelter for the wood fired oven.

The Amigo Barn has become very popular as it does not only offer shelter for your Amigo Oven but also allows you to cook in all weathers and creating a great outdoor space.

Next we are heading Birmingham, Manchester, Bolton, Glasgow, Aberfeldy, Leeds, Hull, Yorkshire, Nottingham and London.
Keep on eye on our Facebook page (Amigo Ovens Ltd) where we will be posting up to date photographs of our trip.

At Amigo Ovens we offer a wide variety of services.

INSULATION: If you have previously bought a non insulated wood fired oven and you would like your oven insulated to offer extra protection we can do this for you.

The benefits of insulating your pizza oven are as follows:
An Amigo Oven is built using high-grade refractory bricks. These bricks would require twenty four hours of heat at a constant temperature in order for them to reach the same temperature as they would externally. If the heat cannot penetrate the bricks, then it remains where it should be – inside the oven.
Insulation protects the oven from poor external conditions such as ice and snow, reduces the maintenance required and prevents sixty to eighty percent of the heat from being lost.
You do not specifically need an insulated oven, but it is highly recommended that you do.

You need garden access for the delivery of one of our ready-built ovens, so perhaps that’s not an option due to the location of your garden and property? Maybe you want something that is truly unique, and not a standard oven that comes custom made? Whatever your reason, a bespoke wood fired pizza oven will be the ideal solution for you. It’s something that can be whatever you want it to be – the perfect, customised solution for your home.

We offer an installation service where are team will come to your home with hydrolic and all necessary equipment to move your oven from your kerb to its final destination.
If you have purchased one of our barbecues we can also assemble this on your behalf.

Whether you require a roof for your oven, base for your oven, full outdoor kitchen, assembling your barbecue, please feel free to contact us.

If you have questions or are interested in any of the above services, please feel free to contact us on 0800 061 4202 and we would be happy to discuss your needs. Our website offers a huge variety of information to.

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