Amigo barns and outdoor kitchens

At Amigo Ovens, we can help you create a full outdoor kitchen area. We design and construct barns, gazebos and pavilions to house your kitchen, working closely with you to make sure the design is exactly what you want. Outdoor kitchens are the latest trend in residential landscape design, giving you a versatile space for cooking, eating, relaxing and entertaining.

Our outdoor kitchens can be fitted out to rival even the most lavish indoor kitchen. We offer you a wide range of options to personalise your kitchen space, including appliances, cooking facilities, seating areas, heating and lighting. There are various different accessories and upgrades we can offer you for your living space. Our friendly and experienced team will be able to tell you more about the kitchen options available to you.

The benefits of an outdoor kitchen area

An outdoor kitchen area lets you make use of your outdoor space in a whole new way. Here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy:

  • A range of options. Choose different types of kitchen with more or less exposure to the outdoors, depending on how you want to use the space.
  • On-trend and fashionable. An outdoor kitchen is one of the latest design innovations and will bring your property up to date.
  • A new way to use your space. You will find that you can get so much more use out of your garden space when you choose to install an outdoor kitchen.
  • Different cooking facilities. Install the cooking facilities that will be most useful for you and your lifestyle, choosing appliances based on personal preference.

What can be included in a kitchen?

Here are some of the most popular kitchen installations we offer:

  • Traditional or gas barbeques
  • Wood or granite work surfaces
  • Sink units
  • Wood fired pizza ovens with many different finishes
  • Seating areas
  • Windows
  • Bars
  • Tables
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Wine fridges
  • Spotlights
  • Infra-red heaters

Gazebos, barns and pavilions

All our kitchens are available fully housed. Our gazebos are built bespoke using pressure treated timber throughout to create a long lasting and durable garden product. Our timbers are jointed, adding extra strength and durability. All timbers carry the (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council logo which indicates all wood used has been sourced from responsibly managed forests.

The gazebo comes complete with concrete charcoal grey flat slate effect tiles. We can provide chimney roof solutions to ensure a good flow of smoke when using barbecues.

These are the options you can choose:

Traditional Amigo gazebos

Perfect for adding shelter to your outdoor kitchen, an Amigo gazebo gives protection without enclosing your kitchen.
It is:

  • A freestanding model with open sides.
  • Ideal for a garden sitting and eating area.
  • Perfect for providing shade and protection from the elements.

Amigo open barns, gazebos and pavilions

The Amigo traditional open barn is perfect for adding extra shelter to any outdoor kitchen.
It is:

  • A freestanding model with 3 or less closed walls or sides.
  • Made from shiplap, log lap, bargeboard or house brick. It is concrete block rendered and painted or stone cladded.
  • A more solid structure, giving more protection from the weather.

Amigo traditional closed barn

This design provides a traditional barn appearance, with added protection from the weather.
It is:

  • A freestanding model/structure with 4 closed sides.
  • Made from shiplap, log lap, bargeboard or house brick. It is concrete block rendered and painted or stone cladded.
  • An enclosed structure, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all year round with ultimate shelter and protection.

If you’re thinking “Maybe I should” – please do!

Why choose an outdoor kitchen from Amigo Ovens?

Amigo Ovens offer a complete service from conception to completion, inclusive of design, ground works, construction, roof tiling and interior fitting. We are happy to offer help and advice, even after we have installed your kitchen – just ask.

Please call our sales team to book an appointment for a site visit. Call 0800 061 4202 or fill in our contact form.

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