Oven Accessories


Tuscan Grill

Price: £38

Able to withstand the high oven temperatures our Tuscan grill adds an additional cooking tier to your oven perfect for cooking sizzling steaks, burgers, or chops, grilling chicken, roasting vegetables, or baking fish.


  • Height: 14cms
  • Width:  40cms
  • Depth:  28cms

Stainless Steel Toolkit

Price: £162

Our Stainless steel tool kit is perfect for use in your Amigo wood fired pizza oven. This high quality stainless steel tool set with wooden handles comprises of:

  • Hanger
  • Broom
  • Pizza peel (Length 135cms – Paddle width 35cms)
  • Ember remover
  • Tray hook

Stainless Steel Flame Guard

Price: £55

Our 2.5mm stainless steel flame guard helps protect your pizza from excess heat within your pizza oven.

  • Height: 18cms
  • Width:  35cms
  • Depth:  18cms


Electric Fire Starter

Price: £62

This electric Firestarter offers the quickest, safest and cleanest way to light your woodfired oven. It starts your fire in 60 seconds with superheated air only.


Digital Handheld Thermometer

Price: £25

Our high temperature reading infra red thermometer will allow you to measure the surface temperature of your Amigo oven safely and within seconds to know exactly when your oven is ready to cook perfect pizza. 

  • Max. Tep: : 600°C / 1112°F
  • Min. temp: : -32°C / -25.6°F
  • Temperature measured in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
  • Material: Plastic

Oven Gloves

Price: £10

Our red split leather oven gloves stand up to the high contact temperatures of the Amigo Oven

  • 14″ lined – size 10
  • Red split leather
  • CE marked

Stainless Steel Spitroast

Price: £95

Our manual stainless steel with wood handle spitroast is perfect for cooking rotisserie chicken or baby lamb in your wood fired oven.


Single wall stainless steel flue and twin walled stainless steel insulated flue

We can offer a variety of stainless steel flues and accessories including roof chimney solutions. Please get in touch for more information.

Single stainless steel wall flue – 140 diameter

  • 300mm Flue – £65
  • 500mm Flue – £75
  • 1000mm Flue – £85
  • Raincap – £35
  • Elite raincap – £55
  • Elbow – £45
  • Support bracket – £8
  • Adaptor (140mm to 180-200mm) £45

Twin walled stainless steel walled Flue – 200 diameter

  • 500mm Flue – £95
  • 1000mm Flue – £120
  • Elite Raincap – £85
  • Elbow – £85
  • Adaptor – £45
  • Stainless steel double ball bearing 140mm spinner £125
  • Rubber boot flashing £45

Oven Railway Sleeper Base

We can offer a variety of different size oven railway sleeper stands. We use 100x200mm treated pre-cut green Pine sleepers. Easy to follow instructions and drawing will be provided for easy self assembly.

  • Single base: £395
  • Base with 1 or 2 side tables: £590 & £695
  • Premium Base including cupboards and granite work surface. POA

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT & postage / packaging