We can do local site visits. First we carry out a phone call to discuss your requirements.

Yes we do cover the whole of the UK

Some of our bigger buildings may require planning permission depending on the location in the garden and the design of the barn

We do only if it’s associated with the barn build.

Depending on the size of the project it can take anything from 3 days to 3 weeks.

Yes, we can install and supply a line to the barn and carryout the required plumbing.

We recommend you use a well-seasoned dry hard wood such as oak. You should avoid ferns, pines and any wood that has been chemically treated.

A well-maintained oven can last a lifetime.

Yes every 6 months the oven should be repainted and any external  cracks filled. We strongly recommend a roof cover over your oven to ensure longevity.

Yes, our Premium Amigo ovens with a front chimney are designed for enclosed spaces

We supply sleeper bases designed to fit all our ovens. Alternatively, you can build them out of concrete blocks. Drawings for the base and advise is available once you have placed your order. 

We provide 3 services. Kerbside delivery to your property, full installation and delivery from our team or the oven can be built bespoke on site. 

The Amigo Oven is very heavy and cannot be lifted by hand or tilted on its side. We will send you all the information you require to carry out the installation on purchase of the oven. Please ensure you have sufficient access for the oven to pass through.

Your Amigo oven will come with a one year guarantee and a lifetime of support providing all of our maintenance information is adhered to.

The hole is to fit an Amigo manual spitroast

Hairline cracks are a normal occurrence of any wood fired oven. Large cracks however are the result of thermal shock where the fire has been built up too quickly and too intense heat.

It is imperative that any cracks are filled as per our maintenance guide to avoid any water penetration.

It is normal for steam and water to appear from the cracks where condensation has built up.

First make sure your oven is left open for at least a day in order for the moisture to evaporate naturally.  Then, fire the oven up increasing the heat slowly over a couple of days to draw out the remaining moisture. Do not leave any ashes in the oven as this will attract moisture.

We recommend that you use your oven all year round.