A winter coat for your wood fired Amigo Oven – Insulation

An Amigo Oven is built using high-grade refractory bricks. These bricks would require twenty four hours of heat at a constant temperature in order for them to reach the same temperature externally as internally. The heat cannot penetrate the bricks therefore it must return back into the oven.

If you have previously bought a non insulated wood fired oven and you would like your oven insulated to offer extra protection we can do this for you.

There are three main reasons for insulating a wood fired oven:

  1. Primarily insulating the oven will protect the oven from poor external conditions such as rain, ice and snow.
  2. Reduces the maintenance required by 80%. This means all expected external hair line cracks which would normally require filling and painting will now remain under the insulation without the requirement for any action.
  3. It retains sixty to eighty percent of heat losses. This is a great improvement for the oven. It remains more constant in temperature, more stable, not to mention it will safe on fuel ie less logs are required.

There are many more benefits:

Wood fired ovens are subjected to great mechanical stresses during the expansion and contraction of the materials. With an insulated oven, the contractions will occur over the course of 48 hours, therefore reduces many of these stresses on the materials. This results in longevity of the oven.

We are often asked do the ovens require insulating?

You do not specifically need an insulated oven, but it is highly recommended that you do.