Amigo Barn

Here at Amigo Ovens we are passionate about cooking and entertaining.  Our Amigo Barn has given us many years of pleasure entertaining family & friends cooking wonderful dishes in our 1200mm wood fired oven and barbecue. In fact we use it so often we sometimes have both our ovens on the go!

This area also serves as a show area for prospective Amigos who wish to see our ovens and barbecues for themselves before they purchase often travelling from further afield.

As some of our Amigos may know we are going to be holding cooking classes in the very near future. We have therefore decided to expand our Amigo Barn creating a larger area, giving us more cooking area and a larger Amigo Oven. We have gone big! Have a look at our giant 1400mm insulated pizza oven big enough to entertain for a large party.

We will keep you updated with regards to our cooking classes and our ever expanding show/cooking area.