Amigo Ovens New Contemporary Wood Fired Oven Range – Maximus

At Amigo Ovens we are always looking to improve and expand our range of wood fired pizza ovens.

New Amigos Chris & Maria contacted us a while ago requesting a contemporary style oven to match their new garden design. We were up for the challenge and after meeting up and discussing their specifications we went ahead and build this new design.  This design certainly created a buzz around the factory and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Whether you fancy our traditional design ovens, require a commercial or mobile pizza oven for your business, or a new design we are happy to discuss your requirements.


Our newest Contemporary design is double insulated with stainless steel trimmings, door and valve outlet.

Sizing: 1200mm upwards


Our ovens are supremely suitable for all manner of commercial enterprises, and can be installed either internally or externally. The entire oven and surround can be individually tailored to meet your needs and has the capacity to be used day-in, day-out, seven days a week to provide the cooking facility that your business can rely upon. Our ovens are multi functional capable of cooking a wide range of large and small dishes including pizza.

Traditional Wood Fired Oven range

Our ready-built outdoor pizza ovens are based on traditional designs that will provide you with the best cooking experience possible, and the most flavoursome and satisfying cuisine, from pizzas to adventurous meat and vegetable-based dishes.

Bespoke Wood Fired Oven range

You need garden access for the delivery of one of our ready-built ovens, so perhaps that’s not an option due to the location of your garden and property? Maybe you want something that is truly unique, and not a standard oven that comes custom made? Whatever your reason, a bespoke wood fired pizza oven will be the ideal solution for you. It’s something that can be whatever you want it to be – the perfect, customised solution for your home.

Designer Outdoor Kitchen

No matter the space, we’ll help you create a stunning outdoor kitchen design including pizza oven, barbecue and gazebo to match whatever you have in mind, reinventing your outdoor space. We take pride in every detail ensuring a beautiful lasting finish. Our dedicated team will make  sure the day to day work runs as smoothly as possible, ensuring the end result leaves you feeling stress-free and over joyed.