Autumnal shoulder of pork cooked on the spit in your Amigo Oven

Autumn is truly on its way. But that doesn’t stop our determined Amigos from getting the very best from their Amigo ovens.

Steve Johnson did exactly that yesterday in Devon where he is enjoying his fully insulated Amigo oven. We recommend you use your wood fired oven during the autumn & winter months. This will keep the moisture out of your Amigo Oven. If you decide not to use it during the colder months, make sure to remove any ash, keep the vent and bottom door open to ventilate the oven. An occasional gentle burn to keep the moisture at bay

Steve kindly sent us some photos of the feast he cooked. Meat on the spit roast, peppers stuffed with tomatoes and mixed vegetables in trays. Congratulation Steve great job.

This was Steven’s comment.

” Despite it raining I managed to cook all this in the oven today. Whole pork shoulder seasoned inside with crushed fennel seed and garlic on the spit, roast potatoes, caramelised shallots and garlic, peppers stuffed with tomatoes, garlic, anchovy, basil and balsamic vinegar and roasted mixed vegetables. Lots of meat left over but comfortably fed eight. ”

”  I cooked a whole shoulder. I boned it and rubbed the meat inside with crushed fennel seeds mixed with garlic pulped in a pestle and mortar with coarse salt. It was then rolled and trussed with extra skin so the meat was sealed and cooked in the wfo on the spit for about 5 hours. The caramelised shallots went in for the last hour with the meat. I then boosted the fire back up to temperature and put in the peppers and mixed root veg. When the peppers were cooked the potatoes, which were parboiled and cut quarter size were put in the oven and cooked in the drippings from the pork. They took about 45 minutes.”