Did you know our Amigo Ovens are British built?

Our Amigo Ovens are proudly produced in the UK. We feel that producing our ovens here in Britain rather than overseas can boost the economy, safeguard jobs and generate growth in employment. We feel pride in this country and the product we create.
Choose British-made products for better quality.

When you buy British-made goods over foreign alternatives – you benefit from high quality workmanship. We have a strict approach to quality, only use excellent quality refractory materials and have inherited excellent building skills. Therefore our Amigos can expect to receive a superior oven to those imported from abroad.

When you purchase an Amigo oven, you become part of the Amigo family. We love to give advice and help you along the way.
Have a look at our website www.amigoovens.co.uk for lots of photographs and advice which ovens may suit your needs best. We can of course build to your specification too.