Exclusive access for the Amigo Ovens family

If you are a new Amigo or have been an Amigo for a while, you have exclusive access to our ‘Amigo Only’ page on our website www.amigoovens.co.uk

Please feel free to contact us for the password.

Here we offer information on how to cure your oven (first firing), cooking instructions and methods, how to read the temperature in your wood fired pizza oven and much more.

Periodically we post delicious tasting recipes to use in your wood fired oven. We also welcome guest’ recipes, so please feel free to share. We are delighted to bring to you all the latest news under our blog section which is regularly updated with interesting reads and useful tips.

We realise that purchasing an Amigo Oven is a big purchase and as part of our commitment to our Amigos we offer an aftercare service where we act as background support. We are always happy to assist our Amigos, whether you require information on how to move your Amigo ovens, how to cook in your pizza oven or maintenance advice.