Getting your Amigo Wood Fired Oven ready for Autumn and Winter

It’s officially autumn. With chillier weather on its way and the long warm summer days gone, we at Amigo Ovens want to ensure that our Amigos make the most of their wood fired oven.

We are passionate about cooking and entertaining and feel that outdoor cooking can be enjoyed all year round not just the summer months especially if you have an Amigo Barn! Embrace your outdoor cooking and eating space, put up some great autumnal decorations with lots of candles, blankets, you can even use the heat of your Amigo Ovens.  Why not use cinnamon sticks, pine cones, leaves, etc as table displays to create a cosy environment. Get those pizza ovens fired up!

This is the perfect time of year to try out new dishes, such as  heart warming stews, easy to prepare, boasting tantalising flavours. Bake a crusty loaf of bread in your Amigo Oven to accompany your slow cooked stew.

Why not finish it off with a yummy dessert – an apple crumble  pie for instance.  Head over to our recipe page for some tasty recipes.  Please feel free to share any recipes for our Amigos to try.

Top tips to maintain and get your Amigo wood fired oven ready for Autumn

We recommend you use your Amigo oven all year round.  By firing your oven up regularly you keep the moisture out of the oven. If you have not used your oven for some time, please fire her up slowly to draw out any moisture.  We recommend that you fill any external cracks with a decorator’s caulk filler when the oven is hot in order to expand the cracks wide open. These cracks are expansion joints which are expected and totally normal.

Do remove all ash from your oven and vent regularly by keeping the valve and bottom door open.

Autumn is a good time of year to give your oven a  coat of paint using a quality external masonry paint in any colour you like..

We hope that we have inspired you to make the most of your wood fired oven and outdoor space during the colder but cosy autumn / winter months.