Give your Amigo Wood Fired Oven a Facelift

We love our traditional looking dome shaped Amigo Ovens. You can spruce them up by painting them in any colour you like. This can be done as part of the oven maintenance or change the colour according to the season.

If however you fancy something altogether different and love the idea of a complete make over how about cladding your wood fired oven?  You can use a variety of materials like pieces of coloured broken glass (mosaic), pebbles, brick slips.

First things first though. Your Amigo oven would need to be insulated. This is a service we can offer, if your oven does not have insulation, pending on your location.

Due to the high temperatures in your oven  significant expansion and contraction of the inner oven dome will occur over time naturally in all wood fired oven. If this movement directly impacts upon the outer cladding layer hairline cracks will appear in the surface. The best method to avoid this transference of movement is through the implementation of an appropriate insulation layer.  When this soft medium is placed between the inner oven walls and the outermost cladding, the insulation will absorb any movement from the high heats.

We would be happy to advice you or discuss this in more detail with you.

We offer additional services, whether you would like a simple roof or an entire outdoor kitchen we are happy to discuss your requirements.

The website will be updated shortly with more beautiful outdoor kitchen design ideas.