Guest Recipe for Butterflied Belly of Pork on a Spitroast

We always welcome guest’ recipes. The Amigo wood fired oven has the facility to cook using a stainless steel spit roast, taking wood fired cooking to another level.   Amigo Chris has sent in this amazing recipe and we would like to share this with you.

Belly pork (butterflied) cross cut outer carcass and rub in SEA salt crystals. Flip over . Rub in pesto. A layer of pate then a liberal sprinkle of dried cranberries. Now top with fennel seeds. Roll belly up and tie. Leave in fridge 24 hours min and slow roast in your Amigo oven maybe one hour turning as you go.
TIPS. Buy your pork from a butcher that knows his stock and will prepare the slicing. Ask for string to tie up the joint x 2.

Do a dummy run of tying up the belly to subdue your frustration on the final application. Make sure your joint is suspended by a rack in a roasting tray. Soak rosemary spigs in water for 24 hours. and the into oven at intervals for aroma. Take your time and plan the prep. Oven temp around 200c.
Make sure the skin is crispy and left to stand 10 min uncovered to let the excess fat to drain.
Slow slow and care.

Enjoy Amigos.