Life is better outdoors – introducing BeefEater Barbecues

Did you know that we are proud suppliers of  BeefEater Barbecues and products? The Australian BBQ is brought to you by Amigo Ovens & Amigo Living all offered at very competitive prices.

If you love easy outdoor entertaining, a great barbecue is essential. And that’s where BeefEater comes in. With a functional, stylish design, excellent durability and a great range of features, BeefEater barbecues will complement any outdoor setting and cook up the perfect meal every time. So whether you’re searing a steak or slow cooking the perfect roast, a BeefEater makes entertaining a breeze.

BeefEater have been making BBQs for more than 30 years and these Aussie classics are popular around the world for their faultless performance, functional design and stylish looks. They are particularly durable and their highest spec models have a limited lifetime warranty too.

The BeefEater BBQ range includes gas trolleys, built-in barbecues and outdoor kitchens. Each one supported by an excellent warranty and bringing you the best cooking experience BeefEater has to offer.

Powerful burners and a finish of porcelain enamel or stainless steel complete these authentic barbecues. What better way could there be to sizzle your sausages than on a true Aussie BBQ!

Uniquely to BeefEater all of their barbecues can be both trolley mounted, or integrated into units and outdoor kitchens.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our charcoal barbecues, Beefeater gas barbecues, pizza ovens or outdoor kitchens.