New product – wagon wheel chandelier!

03 Oct New product – wagon wheel chandelier!

At Amigo Ovens we are always looking for new products and ideas to enhance your Amigo Barns. We are excited to introduce a new product – a wagon wheel chandelier!

No respectable barn should be without a wagon wheel – what better to display at than a chandelier. There are the real McCoy built around 1940/50 and have been cleaned up and fitted with  electrics. We can offer these in a variety of colour/paint finishes.

We sell a range of accessories to compliment your wood fired pizza oven.

The flue chimney riser with raincap serves 3 main purposes.

  • It helps to draw smoke out of your Amigo oven and oxygen into the oven through the door.
  • It will carry the smoke to 2.5 metres above floor level which means the smoke will dissipate above fence panels, sheds, hedging etc and avoid being a nuisance both to yourself and the neighbours.
  • The raincap will prevent rain water entering the oven

We have 300mm, 500mm and 1000mm lengths available.

Have a look at our range of accessories below:

  • 300, 500, 1000mm lengths stainless steel flue risers with / without rain cap
  • Tuscan Grill / Tray support – allows you to cook on 2 levels
  • Stainless steel Food grade Spit roasts /rotisserie
  • Tool Kit
  • Stainless steel Tool kits
  • Digital hand held thermometer
  • Looft (electric) Lighters
  • Stainless steel Pizza Peel
  • Wood/logs
  • Barbecue coal
  • Chimney Roof solutions (please contact for details).

For further information about our products or if you are interested in our Amigo Ovens, barbecue or outdoor kitchen ranges, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 061 4202 or 07803 289604.

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