Outdoor kitchen – outdoor living

23 Aug Outdoor kitchen – outdoor living

An outdoor kitchen or  Amigo entertaining barn is a whole new concept to outdoor entertaining.

Trends move more and more towards outdoor living, with many homeowners investing in outdoor living areas. Cooking and eating outdoors is one of the joys of summer. With an outdoor Amigo barn and kitchen area it doesn’t need to be during the summer months only, if planned right you can use your outdoor space comfortably all year round.

The outdoor kitchen is much more than just a place to eat – you can arrange your outdoor entertainment space around your kitchen, placing comfy furniture, cosy lighting, heaters, music and other features to compliment your entertaining Amigo Barn.

We at Amigo Ovens, can take care of your project, from the initial design through to the final project. We can carry out the ground works, paving, outdoor barn including Amigo pizza oven, barbecue, stunning lighting, bespoke work tops, stainless steel or wooden cupboards, fridge and much more to compliment your project.

Please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your specifications.

T: 0800 061 4202      M: 07803 289604      www.amigoovens.co.uk 

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