Andrew & Caroline


The Pavilion:

Andrew and Caroline wanted us to created something unique to them. .After discussing the initial idea we are really grateful to Andrew who gave us a blank canvas to design a unique entertainment space using our creativity in building and designing.

Today Caroline and Andrew are the proud owners of the largest Amigo Pavilion to date.

This stylish outdoor barn is a perfect extension of the home from inside to out.   Three areas, cooking, dining and entertaining seamlessly blending into one space – warmth and depth created by layered lighting.

The ultimate socialising space for family & friends for cooking, eating, relaxing and entertaining. 

  • Amigo Pavilion: 78m2
  • Floor: Indian Sandstone
  • 1100mm Amigo Entertainer corner wood fired oven
  • Bespoke cupboards
  • Glazed gables  
  • Granite work tops
  • High gloss wood bar
  • Barbecue smoke canapy
  • Lighting
  • Infra red heaters