1. Sweep the base of your oven and fire the oven up to about 450c, push the logs to one side to create space to place your pizza directly on the base.
  2. Dust your pizza peel with flour. Roll out your pre-prepared dough ball on a floured surface and place on the pizza peel. Add your tomato base and chosen toppings.
  3. Place the pizza into the oven directly onto the surface by gently shaking the pizza peel to slide the pizza off. Keep an eye on the pizza facing the fire as this will cook very quickly and burn easily. After approximately 30 seconds remove the pizza with the pizza peel, turn the pizza and put back in the oven for a further 30 seconds or so.
  4. Add logs to keep the flame going and to keep the temperature between 450 and 500c.
  5. Always keep the door open when cooking pizza.
  6. This may take a little practice, but it will be worth it!