Roast beef!

Cooking  the perfect roast beef for Sunday lunch or a dinner party can sometimes be a little tricky as beef can be a little dry. We’ll help you achieve tender, juicy meat with this easy ‘low and slow’ recipe.

If the beef has any fat, keep it on the joint as it will baste the meat while it cooks.  You can always trim it once it is cooked.

It is essential you rest your joint for an hour so the juices are re-absorbed. If you carve the beef too soon it will be dry rather than juicy.  Use the juices to make a tasty gravy.

Serve with crispy roast potatoes added to your wood fired oven approx the last 45 minutes of the beef’s cooking time. Add some semolina or flour to your potatoes before adding them to the fat to make them extra crispy.

Door: on

Temperature: approx 200c

Ingredients: (serves 6)

Joint of beef – approx 1.4kgs (topside or similar)


  • 3 leeks trimmed, halved lengthways
  • 4 carrots trimmed and halved lengthways
  • 2 onions, halved lengthways
  • 2 tbsp Dijon mustard or we used wholegrain mustard
  • 2 tbsp light brown sugar
  • beef stock cube, made up to approx 350ml (we also added some white wine)
    • Outline Skewers Sketch


Fire up your Amigo Oven to full temperature and let the oven drop to approx 200c.

  • Mix the mustard, sugar, salt/pepper and some seasoning and spread all over the joint.
  • Put the leeks and carrots in a large roasting tin (suitable for a wood fired oven) and place the beef on top of the veg. Pour the stock around the veg and cover with foil. (seal well)
  • The oven’s temperature will proceed to drop cook for approx 2.5hrs, turning the meat halfway through.
  • Remove dish from the oven, cover with foil and leave to rest for approx 1 hour.
  • Serve with  wood fired roast potatoes.