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Q. Which size of oven should I buy?

A. For domestic ovens, we recommend one of three sizes:

  • 900mm – for convenience, the smallest size we recommend
  • 1000mm – our best-selling model
  • 1100mm – the largest size oven from our domestic range

When it comes to wood-burning ovens ‘bigger is better’, but within reason. The larger the internal cooking area, the more control over the internal oven temperature you will have. At Amigo Ovens we can fabricate any size oven you desire.

Please be aware that your oven needs to be transported easily to where it is required. Our ovens cannot be tipped on their side.

Q. What is the capacity of an oven?

A. In a 1000mm oven you can comfortably fit three large pizzas. Capacity is not really an issue, as a pizza will cook in around 75 seconds or so.

Q. What temperature will the oven reach?

A. Our ovens can reach temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Celsius. To warm your oven, it’s best to heat it to 550 degrees Celsius for ten minutes in order to saturate the bricks. Then, you can set the temperature as you desire.

Q. What is the initial process of obtaining an oven from Amigo Ovens?

A. You must first decide upon your oven’s location. If you are having an external pizza oven, you must select an area with a good, solid base, such as concrete, decking or a patio.
You will need to choose your oven stand. It’s best to choose one with at least one side table.
Make sure your oven can get to where you want it to be. Our ovens are very heavy, so clear access is a must!
If access is an issue, then you will need to consider one of our bespoke pizza ovens where we will actually hand make your pizza oven in the location you desire.
When you’re happy to go ahead place your order. We will provide you with a full set of instructions regarding the installation, whether we are installing it for you, or you are installing it yourself.

Q. What do I do once I have completed my purchase?

A. Read through the instructions we supply so you get to know your oven fully. We recommend you like our Facebook page to receive updates, tips and mouth-watering recipes.
You can like our Facebook page here
We remain at the end of the phone for all your queries and questions going forward. Our support services are in place for a lifetime.

Q. What kind of wood should I use for my oven?

A. We recommend you use a well-seasoned dry hard wood such as oak. Oak produces an intense heat with less smoke and soot. You should avoid ferns, pines and any wood that has been chemically treated.

Q. How long will my oven take to heat up?

A. Usually between forty-five minutes and an hour, depending on the warmth of the external air and the type and condition of wood used.

Q. How long will my Amigo Oven last?

A. A well-maintained oven can last a lifetime, and even beyond.

Q. What will I be able to cook in my Amigo Oven?

A. Anything that can be cooked in an oven can be cooked in an Amigo Oven. Pizzas, bread, roast meats, cakes, fish … you are only limited by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to experiment – you’ll soon become an oven-cooking professional in no time!

Q. How do I use my oven for roasting?

A. There are three ways to roast:
• Spit roast (rotisserie) – chickens, joints, suckling pigs
• Open roast – on a tray, open fire
• Sealed roast – on a tray well sealed with foil with the door closed and no fire

Q. Will my oven need to be insulated?

A. An Amigo Oven is built using high-grade refractory bricks. These bricks would require two hours of heat at a constant temperature in order for them to reach the same temperature as they would externally. If the heat cannot penetrate the bricks, then it remains where it should be – inside the oven.
Insulation protects the oven from poor external conditions such as ice and snow, reduces the maintenance required and prevents sixty to eighty percent of the heat from being lost.
You do not specifically need an insulated oven, but it is highly recommended that you do.

Q. Will my oven require any maintenance?

A. Yes – every six months the oven should be repainted and any external cracks filled.

Q. What are the internal dimensions of the oven?

A. Size is denoted by the external square base size. The walls of the oven are 120mm thick, so for a 1000mm oven, the internal space is (1000 – (120 x 2) =) 760 mm. You can apply the same calculation to other sizes.

Q, How is the oven installed?

A. You will be supplied with full instructions, but please be aware you will need at least three people in order to complete the installation. Contact us if you would like us to complete the installation for you.

Q. Do I need to cure the oven?

A. You will need to undergo a three-day first firing process before your oven can be used. This is a requirement to dry the oven out, and to cure the oven’s cement mortars. Full details of this will be provided with your instructions.

Q. What do I need to do if my oven is unused for a while?

A. First, make sure that your oven is left open for at least a day in order for any moisture to evaporate naturally. Then, fire up the oven for one hour at a low heat to draw out moisture from within the bricks. Gradually build up the heat to a normal temperature, making sure that you keep the top flap or top door fully open until the oven reaches 550 degrees. Thereafter, close the flap and the top door. We do recommend that you use your oven all year round to keep it in the best condition possible.

Q. How often should I clean the oven?

A. Because of the high temperature of the oven, most residual food is simply burnt off. You will need to sweep the oven base occasionally in order to remove any ashes.

Q. Can I modify my Amigo Oven?

A. If you wish, but please contact us for advice and instructions.

Q. Will I require the services of a builder during installation?

A. If your DIY skills are up to the task, then no. Around eighty percent of our clients simply follow our instructions and, with a little help from a couple of friends, complete the installation themselves.
We sell pre-made and pre-drilled railway sleeper bases that are quick and easy to assemble. We can also offer you all manner of installation services, from concrete floor slab building to full roof cover.

Q. Will my oven come with a warranty?

A. Your Amigo Oven will come with a one year guarantee and a lifetime of support. This is dependent on some basic requirements:
• At the outset, you will be provided with a full and comprehensive set of instructions on how carry out the “first firing” – this must be followed.

• All external, expected, cracks must be filled and oven painted within 2 weeks of the first firing being carried out.

• Your Amigo Oven must be protected during the winter months when temperatures drop below 3 degrees.

• Your Amigo Oven must be used for the purpose it is intended and never overloaded.

• If your Amigo Oven is sold or given to a 3rd party, our contact details must be forwarded and the 3rd party will also need to adhere to the points listed above.

Q. How will my oven be delivered?

A. Once payment is received in full, Amigo Ovens will contact you via email to arrange a convenient kerbside delivery date.
Delivery is performed by Pallet Line. They will drop kerbside, not to your garden.
It is not the driver’s responsibility to move your oven to its final destination – the driver will drop kerbside.
Please make sure that someone is available between 8.30am and 6.00pm to receive and sign for the delivery. We cannot take responsibility for someone not being at home when delivery is attempted.
It’s our recommendation that you do not hire equipment or labour on the day of your delivery on the off-chance that delivery is delayed.
We cannot take responsibility for delayed or missed deliveries. All efforts will be made to make sure your item is delivered on the date and at the time specified. Once responsibility for delivery has been placed with the courier company, Amigo Ovens does not take responsibility for your items failing to be delivered on time.
It is the customer’s responsibility to advise us in advance of any potential delivery difficulties, for instance narrow road access – failure to do so may incur additional charges for redelivery.
Failure to provide a correct delivery address may incur additional charges for redelivery.
Pallet Line does not offer a parcel tracking facility.
Standard delivery is Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6pm. For your convenience, and for a small additional charge, we can arrange a specified morning, a specified afternoon or a Saturday delivery.
Please make sure you sign for your delivery as ‘unchecked’. If you fail to do so, the courier company will not take any responsibility for any damages incurred during transit.

Q. Can I use a domestic oven for commercial purposes?

A. You may, although our ovens are designed to be used in an open, external space and in a fixed location.
We do have a variety of ovens that cater for specific commercial requirements. Our external to door and dome, chimney outlets allow the oven to retain heat for longer periods of time, for example. They also have an extraction ability so they can control the amount of smoke – ideal for an interior or restaurant environment. We have also developed an oven that is physically lighter and more flexible than our domestic ovens. Such ovens are perfectly suited for use in mobile units such as trailers and vans. For more information, please contact us.

Q. How long is the lead time from order to delivery?

A. The usual delivery expectation for a ready-fabricated oven is four days, but by special request we can deliver in as little as twenty-four hours for an additional cost.
Bespoke ovens take two to three weeks to build, depending on the time of year, the weather and our current workload.

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