Looking for a wood fired pizza oven? Then choose one of our ready-built solutions

If you opt for a ready-built solution, then please do not think you are settling for an inferior option – nothing could be further from the truth. All our ready-built ovens offer long-lasting durability at an affordable price.

Why go for our ready-built pizza oven solution?

  • Our ready-built ovens are very easy to install and come complete with full instructions
  • Ready to use as soon as installation is complete – no drying time required
  • No additional installation needed
  • You can dictate precisely where you wish your ready-built pizza oven to be installed
  • Fantastic value for money with zero compromise on quality

While we are quite willing to design, manufacture and build a bespoke garden pizza oven for you, we at Amigo Ovens can supply you one of our ovens from our ready-built range.

Round the clock customer service from Amigo Ovens

Once your ready-built oven has been installed and is in use, don’t forget about our supreme levels of customer service. We are available to field your enquiries genuinely around the clock. When you buy from Amigo Ovens, you become ‘an amigo’ for life. Any issue, problem, or simply anything you would like to know, then please pick up the phone and give us a ring.

Our ready-built outdoor pizza ovens are based on traditional designs that will provide you with the best cooking experience possible, and the most flavoursome and satisfying cuisine, from pizzas to adventurous meat and vegetable-based dishes.

Ready-built does not mean lower quality, NONE of our ovens are made on a production line, or bought off-shore and pieced together, ALL of our ovens are made by hand in our factory in Kent, we only use the finest refractory materials and the knowledge passed down through 5 generations to ensure that our ovens will last the test of time and produce world class cuisine for many, many years.

We say ‘the bigger the oven the better’, we recommend you don’t opt for a pizza oven smaller than 900mm. As the internal cooking area is approx 240mm smaller than the oven’s base size, a pizza oven smaller than 900mm leaves very little room to cook the pizza or place a dish.

However, ready built Amigo Ovens are available in any size you like, please feel free to contact us to discuss your size options and we can advise you which size suits your needs best.

We maintain our skills to bring authentic Portuguese ovens to our clients

Our family has been manufacturing ovens for over 5 generations, and the skills we have learned have been passed down from generation to generation.

If you have the external or internal space in which you can fit one of our ready-built pizza ovens, then we’ll only be too happy to provide. Don’t forget though that as an alternative you can ask us to design and build a bespoke pizza oven that will tie-in perfectly with the space you have available, and that will become a focal point of your garden or patio area.

Have we inspired you to take the next step? We certainly hope so.

All you need to know about a Ready-Built Amigo Ovens Pizza Oven


The Amigo oven is perfect for all types of cooking allowing you to cook pizza, roast, grill & bake.


The Amigo oven heats up quickly, reaching maximum cooking temperatures within 45-60 minutes. It may take slightly longer to heat the oven to full temperature if the oven is damp or not been used for some time.

Due to the natural heat retention properties of refractory clay the Amigo ovens can retain heat for over 12 hours without the need of additional wood ideal for slow roasts. Regardless whether an oven is insulated or not, heat will always drop in relation to time. No oven of any material without additional heat source will retain a constant temperature over a period of time.


Amigo Ovens are extremely efficient and retain heat very well.

However, in order to extend this heat retention over 24 hours or retain a higher temperature over the cooking period we recommend the insulated model.

The additional benefits are that it will protect the oven from sub-zero temperatures, snow, frost and rain. The outer coat can easily be replaced at any future date if required – you can think of it as a jacket.

It reduce the maintenance of the oven as the hairline cracks which normally appear on the oven will now occur under the insulation and will not require any attention.

The oven becomes more efficient and requires less wood/fuel and retains 60 to 80% of the heat losses.


The ready-built Amigo oven is designed for outdoor use only. If you are looking to install your oven inside, please see our Bespoke Amigo Ovens range.


You can purchase a purpose built railway sleeper base, ready for easy assembly. Please contact us for details. Alternatively you can build a brick or concrete stand to place your oven on. Instructions will be provided on purchase of the oven.


Traditionally wood fired ovens did not have a chimney outlet and smoke would escape from the door. There are advantages to having a chimney outlet on the dome. This outlet has a damper and can be closed to retain the heat. It can be argued that this will radiate some heat losses. It’s fair to say this is true. However, the small heat losses are by far outweighed by the advantage of being able to vent the oven. Giving you more control over the temperature. Also, by having an extension on the chimney providing you control over your smoke direction. This draws the smoke and pulls in fresh oxygen providing a better and hotter almost smokeless flame.

Don’t forget our motto – “your friend is our friend”

At Amigo Ovens you do not just become a customer, you become a life-long Amigo. We’ll help you with any queries or concerns you may have with your oven, now and forever.

To enquire about any one of our ready-built pizza ovens, please contact us at Amigo Ovens on 07803 289604 or you can email us at 0800 061 4202.

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